Let's Face It, Your Sales Team Could Be Closing More Without Adding More Leads, More Reps, Or More Training

Save Your Sales Reps and Managers a Minimum of 30 Minutes/Day and Make More Sales With An A.I. Sales Manager

Most Sales Teams With 2+ Reps Are Leaving Money On The Table By Not Using an A.I. Sales Manager To Maximize Team Performance

Glance A.I. Sales Manager is Automated AI Sales Management; A Command Center for SaaS, Coaching, Consulting, Agency, Info Product and Knowledge Companies That Sell By Phone, Zoom or Call and Have at least two sales reps


Most of us Can Admit That Reps and Managers HATE Admin work that takes away from time selling

Sometimes it seems like you need to be a spreadsheet guru just to track sales commissions. Glance lets you set percentages, see results, and automatically pay commissions to your sales team members with auto-populated data, and not a spreadsheet in sight.


Managers can't make clear decisions without automated, sortable, up to date data about rep performance, call stats and more

Set quotas, commission plans, bonuses and more in seconds. See all your data in one place. Pay out commissions without spreadsheets, data entry or headaches. Setup takes about 5 minutes on average.


without activating your reps innate competitive Tendencies, and letting them know EXACTLY how to win, you're losing sales

Sales team performance can be sporadic, or require hand holding to maintain peak sales. Glance automates your incentive plans to get more out of your existing sales team without more time from you. Developed by studying what $100m sales teams consistently do to outperform the competition

Glance A.I. Sales Manager Solves All Of This WITHOUT Additional Training, Admin Work Or CRM Changes in 3 Easy Steps That Take 5 Minutes Flat... So Your Reps Start Closing More Without More Work From You

1. Connect Your Data

Connect your booking software and payment processors to feed our app with the data it needs to optimize your sales team

2. Invite Your Reps

Easily invite or import your team in one click by using their email, or excel or csv file.

3. Choose Incentives

Bulk edit commission plans for the team, or create custom commission plans, quotas, and incentives to drive performance. We’ll keep track of it all

Run Your Sales Team With One Glance

Get Setup in 5 minutes. Automate Forever With An A.I. Sales Manager.


Don't Take Our Word For It

what our clients have to say About Using an A.I. Sales Manager

“Saves me hours/week, makes my reps happier and makes it so much easier to see trends over time. It seems like I was stuck in the past before using Glance” 

Christian, CEO of Coaching Company

Sales reps hate admin work. Glance removes it so they can spend more time selling. That’s ROI! 

Michael Gibson, Sales Manager

An AI Sales Manager means one less person I have to hire. It saves my reps 30 min/day and allows them to take and close more calls every month.

Jamil, Head of digital marketing

Get an A.I. Sales Manager demo Today And Start Closing More Sales With Less Work

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and word-of-mouth reporting. Let us track your sales, commissions and team performance all in one place, while increasing your close rate by 10-50%

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