About Glance

A command center for your sales team, Based in Denver, CO USA

The problem we solve

It is extremely difficult to accurately automate commission tracking, maintain peak sales team performance and keep the sales team motivated without manual data entry, tedious admin work and sub optimal sales team performance 

Our mission

 To make it easy for online business owners to manage their sales team, automate commissions and optimize performance in ten minutes or less 

Our Values 


Software so simple it’s like we’re reading your mind. We abhor enterprise level software that would take a degree in Computer Science to implement in your small business. Getting new software in your business should never be stressful, it should make your life easier.  

Data driven truth

Every company will eventually be in the data business. Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion. If you want the truth, you need up to date, real-time stats that paints a picture. We give it to you with just one Glance


Competition is not only fun, a competitive spirit is the key to winning. We make it easy for your business to compete with competitors, your reps to compete with each other, and for you to compete with yesterday. It feels good to win. 

Tell-A-Friend Worthy

The true value of a product is what you tell your colleague over lunch after using it. We focus on features so useful that you can’t help but say “you gotta try this.” 


It sounds cliche, but team work makes the dream work. Glance helps your team to work together to hit your goals. We couldn’t make it happen without hiring great people who care about our customers, and who are able to work together to make something amazing.

Why We Started Glance

A Word From our Founder

After doing $5 million in online sales, I realized I had an automated system for everything in my business except commission tracking and sales team management. We were still using spreadsheets, nagging reps to log their sales and tracking down data. This became the first failure point in any new business I launched, and since without sales a business can’t survive, it became my achilles heel. The mega complicated enterprise solutions out there weren’t affordable for a small business, and only further complicated the process.

That’s why my team and I built an easy to setup and use command center for your sales team. So you can effortlessly automate and track commissions, get real time stats and provide transparency for your reps.

If you’re sick of spreadsheet entry, back and forth in slack and following up with your reps to get the data you need to run your sales team at 110%, Glance will change the way you do business. Close more deals in less time.

We are revolutionizing sales team management by making it SIMPLE to track commissions, motivate reps and get data transparency with one Glance

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