Are your sales systems ready to scale?

Scaling Your Sales team

Running a team of 3 reps is not the same as running a team of 50 or 100… 

But you probably already know that.

It’s Christian From Glance here…

And if there’s one thing you need to get right to scale your business, it’s sales.

Sure, you need the right product. And the right team, and strategy.

But without sales, you can’t fund any of the other stuff. With enough sales, you can hire the best to solve almost any other problem.

Cash has to come first.

But the problem is, most teams I’ve talked to lately have a rigged together spreadsheet system, often using manual reporting, a trust system, assistant’s and spreadsheet gurus just to get a handle on commission payouts.

When what they need is an automatic system with daily email reports and month end commission payouts in one click.

So they can stop spending time on sales verification and data entry.

And spend more time on growth. 

Now, like I said, you could hire a Google Data expert, a couple virtual assistants and spend a few hours of your time every week managing commissions.

Or… you could spend 5 min and automate all this so you can scale your sales team and get the very thing that will keep you alive and growing. Cash.

That’s what we tend to see happen when our customers implement Glance into their team.

Not only do they spend less time managing the team, but they actually get better performance and feel confident to hire more reps and grow sales.

Come check it out for yourself.

I’m opening up the calendar for free demos this week.

Grab a spot and let’s see if Glance can improve the way you track commissions. No pressure, no obligation, just a quick free demo to see if this can help you make more in less time. If it’s not a good fit I’m happy to recommend another solution. 

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Head of Education, Glance 

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