The new, more profitable way to run a remote sales team

Commission tracking, performance enhancing leaderboards, sales notifications and more…

Automatic Commission Tracking

Track, edit and pay commissions on autopilot with commission tracking for your sales reps… without ever touching a spreadsheet

Performance-Driving Leaderboards For Your Reps

Use quotas, tiered commissions and visibility to drive more sales from your repsand grow top line revenue month after month

Increase Close Rates 10-50%

Using competitive leaderboards, public sales notifications and custom quotas, you can get more out of your existing reps

Ditch The Spreadsheet

Spend less time on management when you provide 100% transparency for your reps so they know what they need to do to hit their sales goals

Automatically track sales back to bookings, calls and demos

Know how your team is performing overtime by quickly comparing past data with today.

See All Your Reps In One Place and Sort By Sales, Earnings Per Call and More

Quickly see your call volume and close rate to manage performance of team members.

Easily Manage Commissions and Quota For All Your Reps in One Place

Glance lets you set percentages, see results, change permissions, and easily create invoices to pay commissions to your sales team members.

Reward High Performance, Make Decisions On Reps and Incentivize More Sales

With our software you can use the leaderboard to see which team members are outperforming the others and reward them with bonuses.

Easily see all of your transactions, verify transactions, create reports, and pay your reps

Track all of your transactions in one place and individually for each rep. See past reports, payouts, and even cancel transactions to automatically adjust payouts for reps.

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More Features

  • Calls made, booked, and closed
  • Sales, payments, and refunds
  • Sales rep activity timeline
  • Percentage of quotas reached
  • Visualize performance in graphs
  • Show close rates and show Rates
  • Reps percentage of total sales
  • Track earnings per call overtime
  • Set and pay commissions for each rep
  • Create performance boost incentives
  • Create conditional commission tiers
  • Performance Leaderboards

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