How To Motivate Sales Reps To Close More Deals (3 ways inside)

Get your sales reps to close more sales

I used to look at my weekly sales stats and wonder “why aren’t my phone sales reps closing more?” or “how do I motivate my sales reps to close more deals?”

Did I need better reps? Better processes? More training?

It’s Christian here…

I’m about to drive up I-70 in to the mountains here in Colorado to go for a hike on my day off.

But I wanted to clear my head on getting my reps to close more. Don’t worry, the Tesla has autopilot, but I’m not writing emails and driving at the same time (although, presumably, I could. I’m just not THAT big a risk taker).

Here’s the deal. I used to struggle to get my reps to close.

Without proper real-time stats, to be honest, I didn’t really have the data I needed to figure out why my reps weren’t closing more.

I just knew I needed to bump up the close rate.

So I started to study the best.

I sought out mentor’s who had made $10m in annual sales, and then $100m in sales. And I found out, they were doing a few key things that their mediocre competitors were not.

There were three things in particular that helped me step up my sales game and give my reps the structure they needed to close more deals.

3 Easy Ways To Motivate Your Sales Reps To Close More

1. Use public scoreboards

I use the baseball analogy a lot, but can you imagine going to a sporting event without scoreboards? It wouldn’t be very competitive, fun or effective. In fact, the players just might give up. A scoreboard doesn’t have to be some boiler-room type mechanism.

A scoreboard is what makes it fun for your reps. In fact, most salespeople liek competition. They’re not introverted coders who want to be left alone with noise-cancelling headphones. They’re competitive, driven by money and status, and happy to push a little harder given the right incentives.

Give them the gift of seeing the score and striving to be number one, and watch your sales go up without doing much anything else different.

2. Use tiered incentive plans

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my ten years in business, it’s that humans are largely driven by incentives. If you want to change behavior, you have to change incentives. Imagine a sales rep knowing their 2 deals away from breaking quota and bumping up their entire commission structure for the month because you offer tiered incentive plans. Can you imagine the hustle they’ll bring to the table to cross that threshold?

The only problem is, complex incentive plans can be time wasters if you don’t have an easy way to setup and manage the commission tiers. If you want to make it easy, check out Glance, it takes about two minutes to setup and manage.

3. Cut the bottom 10% of your sales reps every month

laptop, desk, workspace-336373.jpg

The difference between A-player sales reps and C- players is the difference between your company growing month over month, or dying a slow death. The harsh reality is, most companies are not families, they are more like sports teams. Yes, everyone is close, but if you can’t perform, you’re out. It’s the only way to survive. If you want the most effective team, it helps to continually bring on new reps, keep the top performers, and gracefully transition the low performers out. Do this month after month, and in a year you’ll have a team who can absolutely crush it for your business. AND, your A players will thank you for creating a team based on performance. We all want to play with the best.

Feel free to implement these three on your own, or get setup in 5 minutes using Glance to manage this all for you.

If you want to see how that works, grab a demo here >> Glance Demo Scheduling

Either way, I’d love to hear if this bumps up your close rate. Let me know at Christian@UseGlance.Com

Talk soon,


Head of Education, Glance 

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