Is Your Outdated Commission-Tracking Costing You Sales And Losing You Good Reps?

Commissions are the one “expense” I love to see on the monthly statement, because with every commission comes a sale.

The only problem is, I often only see these commissions once a week or even once a month when I run reports instead of in real time, down to the hour on a daily basis.

It’s Christian from Glance software here…

I’m sitting here in the sun in a lounge chair, drinking a cappuccino on my deck overlooking Denver, thinking about commissions.

And if you’re anything like me, your commission tracking process leaves a little something to be desired.

Either it takes manual data gathering (Which means it often doesn’t get done in real time), it’s tedious, or it’s just plain untrustworthy and prone to human error.

It’s kind of like going to a baseball game where the players are the refs and the scorekeepers.

 When you want to know the score, the players tell you what they think they scored, and you kinda take their word for it.

That’s what I’m hearing from a lot of teams, the reps have to self-report their commission.

And the manager or CEO has to manually verify those commissions on a monthly basis. And generally has no idea what’s going on the rest of the time.

It might get the job done but it doesn’t make for a very competitive baseball game.

Which means, you’re leaving sales on the table.

And you’re not motivating your reps by giving them commission transparency.

Show them the scoreboard in real time. I promise you, they’ll try harder to win the ballgame. 

That’s where Glance comes in. After $5 million in online sales, I knew there was a better way.

A better way to track commissions.

A better way to motivate the sales team and make more sales.

And a better way to automate admin work so I could spend my time being CEO, not validating commissions. See, this is what I’ve seen from the dozens of teams I’ve talked to.

The Old Way To Manage a Sales Team and Track Commissions

1.  Manually inputting data in to a spreadsheet on a daily basis from the reps, then verifying that data month end, usually from a sales commission tracking template they found online 

2. Using a virtual assistant to compile and send email reports so you actually know what’s going on 

3. Hiring “spreadsheet gurus” to rig together an automated system that kinda gets the job done but not really
4. Checking 10 different tabs just to figure out how many calls and how many sales your team has 

5. Sign up for enterprise commission tracking software and realize you need a small business commission tracking software instead after staring at a complex dashboard for 5 min with no idea what to do next

And I think you can tell by now.. I don’t think very highly of any of these partial-solutions to my commission tracking problem.

So I spent a year of my life building a team to solve this problem once and for all.

This is why Glance was born.

And if you give Glance a try, I’m confident you’ll make more money by recapturing the sales you could be making, but aren’t, because you don’t have a scoreboard. And you’ll do it in less time than you’re spending now managing your reps.

I’m opening up the calendar for free demos this week.

Grab a spot and let’s see if Glance can improve the way you track commissions. No pressure, no obligation, just a quick free demo to see if this can help you make more in less time. If it’s not a good fit I’m happy to recommend another solution. 

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