Sales Playbook Examples and Templates

Sales Playbook examples

It’s no secret that sales playbooks are required reading for anyone who wants to grow revenues and profits. You’ve probably read about them and may have even tried one or two (or more) yourself. But if you’re like most people, you weren’t fully satisfied with your results.

The problem isn’t the playbooks themselves. It’s what you do with them – or don’t do.

A sales playbook is only as good as the processes it unleashes and the way in which employees are trained to use it on a day-to-day basis. A great sales playbook can do wonders for an organization. It can drive revenue growth, improve margins and increase productivity…and all of that can be achieved quickly.

Here are some examples of great sales playbook processes that have been used in organizations to drive business results:

1. Written Sales Processes – A written process drives revenue growth by clarifying the steps needed to close a sale. It’s easier for employees to follow and implement, resulting in more profitable sales…and happier customers. The process will also provide guidance on how to handle objections and other customer concerns within the sales cycle.

2. Training Tools – Once you have written processes in place, training can be delivered through relevant sales playbooks that will reinforce the sales culture of your organization. Sales playbooks can be used to communicate best practices for delivering presentations, dealing with customers and other critical skills that will help ensure success in every sale.

3. Reporting Tools – Playbooks are also useful as reporting tools because they allow you to track performance by rep or territory on key metrics like call activity, revenue growth and customer satisfaction. In fact, the idea of “measuring what you plan to improve” puts sales playbooks at the top of the list in terms of important metrics that your company should be tracking on a regular basis.

Example Playbooks From Existing Companies

Example Sales Playbook #1: Demand Metric

Example Sales Playbook #2: Microsoft

Examples Sales Playbook #3: Fictional Acme Corp

Examples Sales Playbook #4: Hewlett Packard (HP)

Examples Sales Playbook #5: Rackspace

Sales Playbook Template Download

Sales Playbook Template

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Sales playbooks can provide quick and lasting value to any sales organization. And while the idea of creating a playbook that will boost revenues is incredibly alluring, there are many companies out there that aren’t getting the results they expected from their sales playbooks.

That’s because if you don’t create an effective playbook or implement it effectively, it won’t drive the results you want.

To make sure that your playbooks are as effective as possible and to make sure your company is one of the successful ones, check out the examples above.

In conclusion, a great sales playbook doesn’t just tell your team members what to do; it also shows them how to do it. That’s what separates good playbooks from the great ones. Do you know which one(s) you have? If not, check out some examples like the ones listed above and see if they’re right for your business.

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