The #1 Biggest Expense In Your Business You Probably Don’t Even Know About

The #1 biggest expense in your business is the extra sales your sales reps could be making… but they’re not.

DO you ever stare at your sales for the month and wonder, how could I get my sales reps to close even more? 

After sitting in a conference room sipping coffee, while listening to a mentor breakdown how he’s done over 100m in sales, 3 key sales hacks came to the surface…That could bump your sales close rate by 10-50%.  I’m going to give them to you now.

3 Easy Ways To Bump Your Sales Rep’s Conversion Rate

  1. Use real-time team leaderboards – Imagine going to a crowded baseball game. The entire stadium can see the whole scoreboard at once.

    Likewise, your whole team should be able to see how they’re doing in real time, how they stack up against other reps, and what they need to do to move up in position. If you don’t have this it’s like playing baseball without a scoreboard, it’s not very fun, and no one cares about winning. If your reps can see every time another rep makes a sale, it’s like seeing your teammate hit a homerun. It makes you want to play even harder. 
  2. Tiered commission plans –  this means that if  a rep hits their quota, they get a bump in commission. Once a rep ‘unlocks’ the higher commission rate, they’ll want to sell as much as they can at that higher rate. Humans respond to incentives, and this is the easiest way to incentive your reps to “overperform.” This doesn’t have to be complicated or complex to implement if you have the right system, but if your rep knows exactly how many more deals they need to hit the next tier, you can be sure they’ll figure out a way to close that many deals before the month is over. 
  3. Commission transparency – show your reps, sortable by date, how much revenue they’ve generated and how much commission they’ve earned this week, last week, last month and for the year in an easy to understand, real-time and automatic dashboard. By showing them how far they’ve come, they can improve performance over time and work hard to hit their goals moving forward. Making them sort through a spreadsheet or run these calculations on their own is leaving them in the dark and adding dreaded admin work. When all they have to do is glance at their numbers, your reps will enjoy this rather than dread data entry.  The best part? By automating this system, it removes admin work for you as the CEO, owner or sales team leader. 

If you do these three things with your sales reps, you’re going to look at your month end sales numbers on your laptop and think “wow, we actually did close more this month, I’ve got happier reps, and It took less of my time.” 

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